Durban is Different

Our little one miscarried her baby into a toilet in a brothel / drug house.

Her life is beyond hard.

There are currently no answers for her and the other teenage girls who are in her situation.

Welfare won’t help, safe houses won’t house them and care for them, homeless shelters are not safe and costs them money, so they find themselves either in a drug house having their bodies and souls broken over and over or they end up sleeping outside trying to hide from predators and the police. It’s not surprising that she lost the baby, it’s almost a sigh of relief, but sadly at this point we can only do so much for this child.

So many people try and tell us do this and do that, but let’s be honest – these “helpful” people have zero idea how this stuff works, they think they do, but they honestly don’t. No one knows until you fully immerse themselves into this world that our girls are trying to survive in. No sex industry in the world is like Durban sex industry, the industry varies the world over and what works in the states or Europe won’t necessarily work here.

Our ladies are different, the multiple layers of trauma are deep and raw and they are literally fighting for survival every single day, hour by hour. And all we can do is shine light, hope and love into the darkness that is their lives.

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