Restoration, Dignity, Hope, and Love

eXpose HOPE are a nonprofit organisation fueled by women full of love, faith, stamina, and dedication, who care deeply for our women of Durban who are trapped within the sex industry and victims of trafficking.

Our vision is to help bring restoration, dignity, hope, and love to those working in the sex industry.

We visit +- 400 ladies in the Greater Durban area who are working on the streets and in various brothels on a weekly basis. We provide them with good quality secondhand clothing and shoes and then try our best to get in donations such as toiletries, sanitary items, cosmetics and condoms. Each lady is provided with a hot healthy meal and time is spent with them building relationships and establishing how we can assist them further. We also give out baby bags to mom’s who are pregnant and assist with rental needs for those who we have successfully managed to get off the streets.

Our main dream goal is to have our own establishment whereby we can provide a safe place for our ladies to go through a process of rehabilitation, love and self-acceptance working towards self-upliftment and lastly self-employment in a safe and secure environment and reuniting them with their children and family.