Brand New and Terrified

Standing quietly under the lamp post she just stood there and watched what was going on around her.

We called for her to come over and get a meal and timidly she made her way to us. We knew something was not right, her eyes welled up and tears started to roll down her cheeks, she gratefully grabbed her meal and she turned to walk away. We called her back and put her in our car to have 2 minutes of silence with her.

Turns out she had only been on the streets for a few nights and the only reason why she was there was because of a drug addiction.

We offered her a safe space for the night and a trip home to her family and she eagerly grab the opportunity and jumped out the car to ran back to the house and grab her stuff.

We sat and prayed that she would return and just a few minutes later, with high heels in her hands she ran bare foot towards the car with her wordly possessions.

The guilt of her addiction weighs heavy on her shoulders like a big black cloud that just won’t go away, it’s deeper than just a quick high or a numbing sensation. We need to get her help, she has tried before but we can’t give up on her.

One good thing is she phoned me this morning to say she is safely home and ready for the help.

Written by Liza.


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