Thank You

I climb into bed with a heavy heart and a tired body. This week has been hard. Tonight was just so painful and our team shed an unusual amount of tears.

There is so much suffering in our city. And organizations like ours and our friends at Connected see so much of that suffering first hand.

Both of our teams get up close and personal with those who have been cast out by society and tonight we teamed up to bring some love, light and hope to a number of our friends.

This morning we were blessed by The Robin Hood Foundation South Africa with 600 sandwiches for our girls, so we decided to share with the Connected team so that they could feed their people tonight also, and we took along the incredible team from the TBHIV Center and their mobile clinic so that Connected’s people could have the opportunity to get checked out by the healthcare team.

It was a busy, exhausting evening, but it was good. It was very good.


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Thank You to The Angel Wings Foundation

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