Freedom Day…

Freedom Day, marked annually on 27 April, also commemorates the liberation struggle that resulted in freedom and the recognition of dignity for all.

But after today’s outreach on “Freedom Day”, my heart is angry, it hurts for our precious Miss A who is close to my heart, because I see no freedom for her! She wept on my shoulder in fear and pain. How can I give her freedom? The freedom she deserves. A life away from the abuse and pain she lives in. With cuts on her legs from the abuse she receives daily and the hurt and pain in her hurt all I want to do is just pick her up and take her home.

Please if you can help cover the shelter costs for one of our girls at only R80 a day, or R2400 a month, per person, we could get our dear Miss A out of the situation she is currently is in and keep the current 4 ladies we have in the shelter safe and warm.

If you are able to help us, please click here.


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