A Weird Week

Last week was a weird week.

Most of our girls in the one area was no where to be seen, now some might think “well that’s a good thing because if you don’t see them they must be home or they are somewhere safe and not working”.

These girls aren’t somewhere safe or at home; most are sitting in a park, sopping wet, or they are in a police cell with no means to contact us or anyone, and they are terrified.

On Wednesday night, we took a girl out of a brothel and put her in a shelter for a few nights till we can come up with a plan for her, she doesn’t want to sell her body and she can’t go home as her family kicked her out. One of our team members hugged her and held her close as she slipped into her arms just to be loved and told everything would be okay, she’s tiny, and she is fragile.

We tell her we will come back tomorrow to bring her a few basics so she can rest and gain back her spirits. We love and we love hard, there are no boundaries with the love we give these girls.

Together, we stand to make a difference.

Love and light
Michaela from Hope Creators and eXpose Hope


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