Freedom for GG

Friday was Freedom Day for another one of our precious ladies. ‘GG’ had been in the industry for over 3 years and less than 2 weeks ago she miscarried her little tiny baby girl. As you can imagine pure devastation followed and GG begged us to get her out. Out of the drug house/brothel and out of the sex industry. So we did.

We have always battled against other charities trying to find safe placements for our ladies when we extract them, (the dream is to have our own) and thanks to an organization whose hearts align with ours we had a safe place for GG to go to.

Friday morning @lizamoroney and I jumped in the car and went to get GG and took her to start her new life at the safe house. We met some of the most wonderfully strong and resilient women and children when we entered the safe place. GG was welcomed by them all and immediately her fears and anxiety were replaced with peace and joy.

Our hearts were filled with joy and appreciation and we are beyond excited to see GG’s life settle and her heart and body heal.

There are a number of needs in the safe house and we will write a separate post to address them, maybe you guys can help.

Please lift GG and the other women and their children in prayer as they journey of healing unfolds before them.

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