We Want to Expand

Our work has gained a lot of traction recently and we are looking to expand even more.

We currently have a number of ladies who we have helped to leave the sex industry and now we want to take the next step with them. We are looking to start a weekly Growing by Grace group with them where we will meet on a Tuesday morning for 2 hours and have some quality healing time with them. It will be an opportunity for us to further our relationships with them, encourage them in their freedom walk and help them to keep their heads up and moving forward in their healing.

We are needing a space in the Glenwood or Morningside areas that we can use every Tuesday from 9-11. We will be starting with 4 ladies plus 1 or 2 team members who will be the facilitators.

We are also in need of lovely Women’s Bibles (in English, preferably and easy to understand translation) and we would love to give each of our ladies a pretty journal and stationary so that our ladies can journal and make notes from their work books.

If you know of a space that we can use please let us know.

Or if you can help by providing a Bible or journal and stationary we would be so appreciative.

We are very excited to see our work and our ladies grow from strength to strength.

Our ladies need us and we need you. Can you help? If so please let us know.

We love and appreciate you all.


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