Human rights?

Today is #humanrightsday and I asked one of our girls what that means to those who are trapped in the sex industry, this was her response in her own words…

“I think people who selebrate humen rights day tend to usually forget about us the lost and most hurt humens with no rights. The ladies and young girls who are stripped away from there identity their life and of all their rights. Being forced not only to sell our bodies but our souls.

We are being seen as dirty. We are not we have rights more than anyone else.

Because we are mother’s we are daughters we are sisters.

We are real.

We have rights to love hope and dignity. Respect and comparison.

To all my fellow sex workers who are being forced by people, I love you all so much. You are real and lovely ladies. We need to help all my friends get help to get out the sex traffic trade the way expose hope helped me.”

Across our city, 100s of girls and women are trapped, raped daily and no one is doing anything about it, they report the abuse only to be told that “sex workers can’t be raped” or “you asked for it.”

So that atrocities go unreported and the perpetrators continue their rampage.

Sex workers have no rights and that HAS to change.

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