Buckets Full of Groceries

Yesterday was a good good day. The folks at @lincchurch blessed us with 250 buckets full of groceries for our @xpose.hope ladies.

There were squeals of delight and tears of joy as each received their bucket.

These buckets are way more than just a bucket of groceries, they are a ticket home to family for Christmas. You see our ladies are told by family that if they ever want to visit they have to take gifts, money or groceries with them, they are not welcome home empty handed. This causes so much stress and pain for our ladies. And it causes them to hustle that much harder, trying to find more clients and putting their lives at greater risk.
When they opened their buckets yesterday the realization that they could be home for Christmas washed over them and the tears flowed. It was beautiful and devastating all at the same time.

Massive thanks to Linc Church for the buckets and also to @dominofoundation Red Light team for joing us in outreach and helping to love on our girls. We love and appreciate you guys so much.


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