We are here 2022!

Well here we are, the first day or the rest of our lives…

Last year was so hard on so many, myself and our team included, but how can we not be thankful for the experiences lived and lives celebrated?

How can we not be thankful that we get to see today? The 1st day of a whole new year, a new year full of the unknown, a new year of new experiences and new relationships.

As we head into the unknown of 2022, I find myself strangely excited for what this year holds.

As today unfolds, I refuse to be negative (even though I’m in bed sick), I refuse to carry fear and anxiety, I lay down that which i am not called to carry and I hold tight to the promises laid out before us.

2022 is a year of expansion and growth, for our team, our ladies and our work. I am believing for healing and wholeness, strength and freedom for all involved in the work of eXpose HOPE, including those who follow and support us along the way.

Thank you for helping us to get through the year and end it well. Thank you for you love and support every step of the way. Thank you for partnering with us to help Durban’s most vulnerable walk into places of freedom and peace. We love and appreciate you all.


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