As we pull into the dark alleyway, she is the first to spot us and her beautiful face lights up.

Her life is beyond difficult. On the streets since she was 13 this precious 17 year old is the youngest girl that we care for through our @xpose.hope outreach.

I have loved this child for the past few years and my heart has been shattered over and over. I’ve watched her hustle and sell her body for money to survive, I’ve seen the aftermath of a gang rape that she endured and held her after she miscarried her baby into the toilet in the brothel.

We have talked to social workers and drug rehabs to try and get her help but everyone has washed their hands of her because she runs. She doesn’t stay, her demons urge her to quit and run, and she is so emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically broken that she no longer fights for a better life, settling for mere existence.

This is the reality for so many of our girls and ladies, forced into an existence rather than a life. Abused and broken by men and discarded by society. Treated as disposable objects rather than the beautiful women that they truly are.

We exist for girls like “A” and the 100’s of others trapped in the sex industry here in Durban.

#unconditionallove #ExtravagantGrace #hopeforthesoul #durbansexindustry #sexindustry #homelessnothopeless

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