Always Watching

Not every outreach night is as fun and exciting as but, last night, as much as the ladies are happy and excited to see us, I could see and feel the hold on them by the men who control them.

We drive the streets and stop at each spot and there is always a man standing around watching over these ladies. He opens the door for us when we arrive and shouts for the ladies to come and get food from us not allowing all to come out, he watches over them like a hawk not letting them leave his sight. His presence is hard and angry and he often tries his luck with us looking in the vehicle for what he can score. We don’t let him control us but bite our tongues and go along with our business because we know if we don’t we won’t get to see his ladies again.

If she wants to talk to us she normally walks away from the house tellling him she is going to work, but meets us under the street light down the road away from him to be able to speak in peace.

It kills us to know they steal from these ladies, as soon as we leave they hand over their meals to these men just to keep the peace.

What gives these so called men the right to feel they control these ladies like this. Wake them up to force them to go back to work, beat them when they don’t bring in enough money and feed them with drugs to numb this lifestyle and become forever indebted to them.

Look not all of them are like this, some really do care for the ladies and only want the best for them, trying hard to get them out of the industry, but this is very rare to find.

But like hawks watching over these ladies I pray for peace and protection in our girls’ hearts because you deserve better. You were never destined to be controlled by these men and this industry.


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