Senseless Actions

Local Facebook groups are flooded with “celebratory” posts from CPF, security groups and other “crime prevention” organisations. Boasting about the number of brothels they have shut down, “undesirables” they have removed and how they are proudly on a crusade to clean up the neighborhood. It makes me sick.

Last week, we paid her rent, ensuring she has a safe place to sleep for another week. The property is owned by a local businessman, he’s handed it to a group of foreigners to run, he’s cashing in. These community groups swoop in and kick the girls out, claim the victory and sign up new members because they appear effective.

These girls are part of the community and are now left vulnerable in local parks.

No one is going after the owners of the property, no one is going after the men who make use of these brothels. No, instead they go for a soft target, the girls.

You see, if these community organisations were so effective, they’d remove the girls and offer an alternative. A safe house, a rehab or a way home. But that’s too much work and doesn’t give the social media credit they are looking for.

If these community organisations REALLY cared about the HUMANS in their community, they would seek out sustainable solutions and not quick marketing stunts.

If these community organisations where REALY making a difference, they wouldn’t be boasting their success while standing on the backs of the oppressed.

Not one of the girls we have met are happy in these houses. None of them woke up and decided this is what they wanted. It’s complex, their circumstances are painful to witness and often the solutions require hours of hard work and self sacrifice. Something not included in the local CPF constitution.

So for now we find her a safe place to stay for a few days. We pray that we find the funds to help her and hope that the other girls are safe.

The brothel owners are setting up in a new space, the security companies are raking in new clients and the CPF are doing newspaper interviews while our girls are sat out in torrential rains. Alone.

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