Can you help?

We walked into yet again another new brothel on Saturday afternoon, cause we were determined to hand out the left over food and pamper kits.

We met another 6 ladies if not more hidden in the back or not on “their shift”, that’s another brothel and another 6 more ladies to add to our weekly outreach and HE proudly tells me he has 60 girls! Yes that’s right 60!!!!!!

Today one of them reached out to me, they are hungry they haven’t eaten since then, it’s been very quiet and they can’t afford food.

Can you help?

Either send a Checkers voucher to Liza’s cell and she will pass it onto them 082 041 0495, a donation via Zapper or our bank account and we will send the voucher?


#durbansextrade #exposehope #brotheloutreach #kindness #weseeyouweloveyou #restoration #hope #love

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