2 Nights Before Christmas

2 nights before Christmas and @trianneamarchund and I were on the streets handing out Christmas gifts, groceries and meals to our @xpose.hope ladies.

It is raining, really hard. We are soaked and cold, but to see the look of delight our our precious ones faces was worth it. I’m tired. Bone tired. To my core. And earlier today I said to a friend, “I just need to get through today and then I will try and rest”, to which she replied, “no you won’t get through tonight, you will enjoy tonight, you will embrace tonight and the honor of serving your girls.”

She was right.

Tonight was good. It was hard, there were tears, a lot of tears, but it was good. We took one of our girls out of a brothel situation and placed her safely in a shelter until we can help her get back to her family in Nigeria where she was trafficked from.

Tonight we loved on so many of our ladies, the ones who can not go “home” for Christmas. We also blessed a number of street sleeping people with a hot meal. And some Gogos and sex workers were blessed with food buckets from @the.jireh.foundation (you guys are amazing).

All our girls received handbags filled with beautiful gifts of toiletries and treats from our new friend Michaela, such a beautiful donation.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us to create for our ladies over the past year, we love and appreciate you all dearly, and as this year comes to an end we pray that 2022 is a year of love, joy and peace in abundance for you all and for your families.

And to our precious precious girls… We love you all so completely. You have our hearts. Please be safe and we will see you in 2 weeks time.

Merry Christmas beautiful girls.

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