10 006

10 006.

That is the number of rapes that were reported between April and July here in South Africa.

Just the ones that were reported.

Over 80% of rape and sexual abuse in our country go unreported.

10 006 are just the ones that were able to be reported.

That number doesn’t include our ladies who most have been victims of rape more than once this year.

Very few people in the sex industry report being raped, purely because they get laughed out of the police stations, told that they asked for it or that sex workers can not be raped.

I’ve been asked about why I haven’t made a big song and dance about #16daysofactivism this December, well I’m in the middle of writing a post about it. I’ve got a lot of big thoughts and feelings about it. ????‍♀️

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Photo by @andre_swart

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