The Intersection of Grit and Grace

We live our @xpose.hope lives on the intersection of grit and grace.

Love is our mandate, especially when it comes to our ladies, and more recently we have discovered a little back alley community that consists of sex workers and young homeless men. They are the most beautiful group of individuals, including our little “A” who is 16 years old.

This community look out for each other and at night they all huddle up under their lice ridden dirty blankets. When asked what they do when it rains we were told that they find pieces of plastic and sleep under them to try and keep dry.

They are profoundly broken in every sense, and yet, when we pull into the alley they all jump up to greet us. They are genuinely excited to see us and receive a hot meal. They tell us of their weeks, their struggles and their health. All of them are sick, and most have AIDS.

As inhumane as their lives are, they still have the capacity to love and care for each other. No one cares for them, everyone sees them as disposable, a problem that needs to be eradicated, “cleaned up” as the general public like to say.

We love this group of people so deeply and we try to show them as much grace and understanding as possible whilst still trying to be a light and hope to them. It’s not easy but this is the mandate of Love.

GRIT AND GRACE. It’s our life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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